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Hello and welcome to my art class!

This blog was set up to help you successfully complete your sketchbook assignments. It contains: sketchbook lists, drawing tips, worksheets, classical drawings to copy and deadlines.

Every student in my class is required to complete a set of sketchbook assignments based on drawing from observation. Drawing from observation is sketching an image of what is exactly in front of you. It is drawing objects, people, places from life and not based on one's own imagination. It is really looking closely at something and learning how it is put together and how to interpret what you see onto a piece of paper.

Good drawing from observation is a skill everyone can learn. It requires practice and focus. Some of you have a "talent" for art and some of you may feel you are not so blessed with this gift. But in any case, it is possible for both kinds of artists to improve their drawing.

So work hard and be open to this challenge. I guarantee if you follow my directions and do all your assignments, your drawing from observation will improve quickly!

Happy drawing!

WHY is drawing from observation important?

Every brilliant artist, designer, inventor or scientist can sketch an image to communicate their concept. Even in business today, visually communicating an idea really can help sell an idea.

Drawing from observation will train you to be able to take what you see in front of you and translate it into a image others will understand. Drawing from observation shows that you understand how to interpret the world around you. It also will help you better illustrate what is in your imagination since you can use real world references to support your ideas.

If you are planning to attend a professional art or design college (to study art, game design, comics, animation, illustration, fashion, photography, architecture, product design or graphic design) you will be required to submit an "admission portfolio". A big part of this admission portfolio is drawing from observation. You will be required to submit high level original drawings from observation in a sketchbook and several large format drawings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior Portfolio Class Sketchbook Guidelines

The goal of this course is to complete an art school admissions portfolio by the end of the fall semester. This includes:
- sketchbook including 75 drawings from observation
- 6 large format drawings from observation (must include one self portrait)
- 6 artworks which show off your passions, talent and originality
- one college essay
- complete digital portfolio on cd

Your sketchbook will include drawings in a variety of
- media (ink, pencil, charcoal)
- subjects (figure, landscape, close-up, perspective)
- techniques (contour, shading, stiple, wash)

Your sketchbook drawings will show off your ability to focus on the world and how well you can represent what you see. Its very important that these drawings be of a "portfolio" quality. This means each drawing must demonstrate your serious interest in the arts, your intentions to become a professional artist/designer.

Weekly: Complete 6 drawings per week.
November 10 : For National Portfolio Day (November 18) you will need 60 drawings
January 5: Complete sketchbook with 75 drawings

Its important to work on your sketchbook everyday. If you do complete 6 drawings a week and you will be able to complete all your assignments on time and also do a good job. If you try to do it at the last minute you will not be able to do your best work.

View of your closet
What's in the kitchen sink (draw the sink too)?
What's for breakfast (lunch) (dinner)?
A toaster, loaf of bread + coffee machine (or coffee or tea pot)
A person/pet reading/sleeping on a _______
2 remote controls, one sitting on top of the other
Three quarter view of two toy cars or trucks
Two stuff animals and one doll and a toy truck (3 quarter view)
A glass with 3 ice cubes and filled halfway with water
My backpack, MP3 player and headphones
A houseplant (close up)
My hand holding a ________
2 bare feet
The view from my window
A street corner
A street lamp and traffic light
Park bench and tree
A self portrait (full length)
A self portrait (neck and face)
Window curtains hanging
The inside of a car
A tooth brush in a glass and tube of toothpaste next to it
Close up of a brick wall and window (or door)
Draw a close up of a statue or object at a museum
People in a museum environment
People standing on a line (show everything)
Train station with people
Four views of one object on a page

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